Extremely powerful websites that are easy to use and control.
Marketing-infused web & mobile sites. Usable by your customers, usable by you.
Web Environments Created With the Visitor in Mind.
Usable Websites

Building a website that is both well designed and findable by search engines are the two fundamental goals of web development. Both of these goals are best accomplished by using a Content Management System (CMS) as all modern websites do.

Fresh, relevant content will always be the #1 way to improve your rankings in search engines. A user-friendly CMS allows you to be in full control of the content on your website, enabling you to add and edit your website content at your convienience cost-free and without the need for a programmer.

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You’re looking to design a custom web experience for your visitors, with specific functionality in mind. Doing this by trial-and-error is costly and inefficient. I use JustInMind prototyping software to build any type of interactive web environment before doing any coding. The JustInMind Usernote software allows for detailed commenting and a seamless review/feedback process between stakeholders. This means that both technical and non-technical influencers on the project can collaborate, share ideas and give clear feedback. I also procure and coordinate effective user tests for your website.

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I like to use an anology most commonly known to those who spend time in the mountains. The term ‘Fall Line’ refers to the most natural line from the top of  a mountain to the bottom. It would be the path a beach ball would take if you were drop it at the top.

In other words, it is the clearest series of ‘next steps’ to get from one point to another. In this way, the Marketing Fall Line represents the smoothest, easiest path from your constituency, customers and clients to get to your products and services. Whether it is a website, a landing page, an email marketing campaign, my challenge is to create a Fall Line for your customers.

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