One of my greatest passions in life is to help give shape to the unique ideas that sprout from all of us. No matter what our background or education, we are – all of us – capable of generating profound and powerful ideas. Speaking from experience, it’s very exciting to spend the majority of mental, emotional and physical energy imagining the idea successfully implemented; the product or service being joyfully offered; the millions (billions ?) of dollars rolling in; the world-changing systems in place.

Maybe you’ve got an idea for the next Facebook? Or the next big smartphone app? Did you know that developing a prototype, and the legal fees to properly protect your intellectually property are going to require a minimum of $15-25 thousand dollars?

By no means is my goal is to deter ideas – exactly the opposite. But my expertise (failure is fertilizer for expertise) is in grounding the idea into next steps, required actions, and rigorously identifying and considering possible barriers to implementation now, rather than after months (years?) of spinning wheels. To avoid this process and jump straight to a business plan is like jumping out of a plane to test your new parachute design.

We are often protective and secretive of our ideas. Ironically, it’s especially the ones that are the most viable and have the biggest potential for success that we’re most secretive about. Many never get realized for this reason. When you contact me, I will email you a template for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that I will sign before we meet. This provides you with the space to fully explore the idea in a safe place. What you will leave with is clear direction one way or another, or perhaps a new idea evolves and takes shape. Typically I charge $60 for a 45 minute session, but I reserve the right to waive that fee, and propose other ways to invest my value into your idea.

The world needs your ideas. Let’s get them moving.