Mobile Websites & Web Apps

When someone visits your website via their iPhone or other mobile device, it’s very likely that they have different goals than a visitor browsing your site on a desktop or laptop computer. Chances are good that they will be, well, mobile.

If our goal is to make highly usable web environments that serve visitors with a happy, frustration-free experience (and it is!), then high-use elements – such as directions, phone #, etc – need to be much more prevalent on your mobile site than they would on your desktop site. Relevant information (in concert with your marketing fall line) needs to be clear, obvious, and easy to navigate.

There are many ways to accomplish this, depending on specific goals, budget, and the scope of the mobile strategy. (Is it a full site? Or a time-dependant guerilla marketing campaign?)

Here’s a Usable presentation prepared for a small business networking club in Vancouver, on Mobile Marketing & QR Codes, showcasing mobile strategies and options.